[No: XXXIX | By Viveka Hansen]

A comprehensive index with more than 3000 search words forms a vital part of this forthcoming monograph – folio sized 455 pages – based on 8 years of textile research. This post shows the contents and full index, demonstrating the wide range of subjects linked to this interdisciplinary study primarily based on local archival and museum sources. Including sail weaving & sailmaking, the drapery trade, economic & social history aspects, Victorian studies, maritime & port studies, alum & natural dyeing, laundry, fashion, printing & advertisement, knitting and much more. In case you missed; the previous post displayed a selection of sample pages and a description of the book. Ten earlier posts (Series B) have also included various research material and extracts totalling circa 3% of the book’s final content.  

The book also includes numerous in depth studies of people in “textile occupations” revealing new facts from a local perspective as well as with national comparisons and the importance of the long-lasting overseas trade for a coastal town like Whitby.

I hope you will consider purchasing the richly illustrated 455 pages monograph or recommend it to your librarian, colleagues or friends.

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This is a not-for-profit project/publication, published in a Limited Edition of 350 numbered copies only.


  • Contents & Index from the forthcoming book The Textile History of Whitby 1700-1914 – A lively coastal town between the North Sea and North York Moors’, see “NEWS” (©Viveka Hansen).


  • Hansen, Viveka, ‘Contents & Index with more than 3000 search words – The Textile History of Whitby 1700-1914′, TEXTILIS (April 12, 2014); http://textilis.net/ (Accessed: Day/Month/Year)