For the duration of the last three decades I have worked as a professional textile historian and independent scholar.



The chosen path for my education in textile history is rare and based on a symbiosis of practical textile training within the Swedish Handicraft Association, theoretical work and academic studies primarily in the humanity subjects. Through the years I have completed further theoretical research in European collections, first and foremost in the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. Added with textile experiments – in the areas of historical weaving, dyeing, needlework, knitting, plaiting and lace – so in the best possible way be able to develop new contexts for questions related to my work.

Since 1990 I work as a Researcher and Editorial Secretary at The IK Foundation – an international, independent learned organisation for promoting Natural & Cultural history. Recently (2014-2017) as one of the participants in the project The BRIDGE BUILDER EXPEDITIONS – North America, Russia/Kazakhstan & Spitsbergen.

Married with two children – in their 20s.

Fellow of The Linnean Society of London (FLS), since 2000.
iFellowship in The IK Workshop Society, since 2007.
Member of the Textile Society, UK, since 2012.

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